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The Albino wrestler that defeated Witchcraft in Congo

Mwimba Texas – Wrestling and Albinism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a film about an Albino wrestler Mwimba Texas, who gave his life to save thousands of people living with albinism in D.R.C.

In D.R.C., wrestling is THE national sport. Providing themselves with “gri-gris” the wrestlers called “magician” to cast spells on each other to win the fight.

Against the current practices, Mwimba Texas has been developing a new kind of wrestling, that he calls “classical, without any fetish or magic”: by excluding magic from the ring to put strength and technique only, he brings a brand new light upon wrestling in his country, while giving underprivileged people the chance to rise.


Talented and almost undefeated, Mwimba Texas has made a difference in changing the way the albino people are seen in the D.R.Congo, often believed to be weak beings on the African continent, the very fact that these myths and bias exists would be directly linked to African witchcraft.

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A fairy tale in the dark age

of globalization

The film Golden Sand of Summer  , whose name is the Chinese meaning of Kinshasa , the capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), tells the unusual fairy tale of six Chinese people living in the Congo.

From wanted gangster to the first Chinese in Congo, they fled the social constraints imposed by their home country, as a result this chaotic African country brings them the freedom they’d never imagined possible.

The film is currently supported by world renowned cinematographer of Director Ang Lee and Mary Stephens as Editor.

Google Digital Journalism Award 2016
The New York Times Chinese Edition


Adventure and Survival stories of

street children in Asia

You might think it’s absurd to see a ‘Street Child’ at a developed city like Hong Kong.

But every night, hidden between the skyscrapers at the districts in Kowloon peninsula, hundreds of underprivileged children are wandering on almost every street corners.

On Universal Children’s Day in November 20, a team of journalists, photographers and filmmakers began venturing into the streets of Kowloon to discover their stories.

The short film was awarded the Google Journalism Award 2016, and can be seen on The New York Times Chinese Edition.

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