Soizic Sanson, a renowned Paris-based director, has devoted her time in France and Africa for film production. Her work has since been broadcast and selected in countless international film festivals. She is also the founder of French digital art and virtual reality company that synergizes art and science together in production. Her passion for the DRC led her to work on new films in DRC with other gifted directors in Africa. Makasi Production continues this momentum of meaningful storytelling and positive journalism through film production.



Alexandra Sun is the Founder of The Film Library in Australia and Los Angeles which can be dated back to 1990s. While she previously worked at The Australian Film Finance Corporation.


Her film company became the first foreign company to officially distribute Mainland Chinese films overseas and since  promoted many award-winning directors including Wang Quanan, Xie Fei, Li Yang, Hiroyuki Okiura and Mamoru Oshii, Sun Zhou, Wan Laiming, Tang Cheng, Su Da, Eric Khoo, Huang Jianxin, Joao Cesar Monteiro, Zhang Yuan, and Zhang Zeming.



Lin Liang-chung (林良忠), credited as Jong Lin, is a renowned Taiwanese-born cinematographer. Best known for his work on many of director Ang Lee's (李安) early films.

Lin has gone on to serve as Director of Photography with some of China's most important directors, and has also gone abroad, where he served as the cinematographer for Gurinder Chadha in the British film Bend It Like Beckham. Lin is known for his passion in films that explores the wonders and tensions that arise from culture assimilation.



Bob C. Chan, from Hong Kong, is an award-winning multimedia journalist, business development and Strategic Partnerships strategist. His previous works and stories can be seen on TEDx, and international film awards.  He is the co-founder of YES Network - The People Incubator, a social innovation incubator that operated across US, China and Hong Kong.



Janet is the General Manager of Bright East (Beijing) Films Co. Ltd. President of Heaven Pictures, and Director of China Film Foundation - Wu Tianming Film Fund for Young Talents.


Heaven Pictures (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, and has been since committed to working with young filmmakers, supporting freedom of expression in the art of film. Each of their films is a brave exploration of contemporary Chinese society, probing questions that more mainstream commercial films cannot.  


The company emphasize on film project development, investment, production and distribution. Among the directors Heaven Pictures supported include : Hao Jie, Yang Jin, Li Ruijun, Pema Tseden, Peng Tao, Bi Gan, Song Fang and many other new rising Chinese directors.



Mary Stephen is an editor and director, known for《Last Train Home》(2009), 《Majority》(2010) and《Autumn Tale》(1998).


She was the renowned French director Eric Rohmer’s regular editor and collaborator of his films up to his death in 2010. Stephen is also the editor Li Yang’s 《Blind Mountain》(2007), Fan Lixin’s documentary 《Last Train Home》(2009), Freddie Wong’s Liu Yichang adaptation 《The Drunkard》 (2010), Jessey Tsang’s documentary 《Flowing Stories》 (2014), and Amos Why’s 《Dot 2 Dot》




A seasoned business development consultant and investor, Settles was one of the early investors in Netflix.


He Is currently  a Senior Advisor at the Media Development Investment Fund  (MDIF). He served as a Knight International Journalism Fellow, previously managed online business and editorial operations for Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP).